Barinate is the medicine manufactured of Artesunate.


Artesunate is part of the artemisinin group that used to treat malaria.

Chemistry of Artesunate

Chemical Formula: C19H28O8

Molecular Mass: 384.421 g/mol

Physical Properties:White or almost white powder

Solubility: Freely soluble in water

Pharmacokinetics of Artesunate

Absorption: The concentration in plasma diminishes swiftly after administered intravenously. The plasma half- life time is about 30 minutes.

Distribution: It distributes broadly throughout the body and with high concentration in intestines, liver and kidneys.

Elimination: It is mainly eliminated by metabolic bio-transformation 48% in the urine and 38% in the faeces.

Pharmacodynamics of Artesunate

Artesunate has an exceptional anti-malarial activity on the asexual forms of malaria parasites with high, quick efficiency to bring about rapid control of an acute attack. It has benefits of no cross resistance to Chloroquine.

Medical uses of Artesunate

Artesunate is effective to malaria caused by chloroquine resistant strain of plasmodium falciparum.

Side effects of Artesunate

It could have following minor as well as serious side effects:

  • Temporary and reversible anemia
  • Slow heart rate
  • Fever
  • Overdose of Artesunate

    Though, there is no overdose reported; however, in case of overdose, symptomatic treatment should be given.

    Cautions of Artesunate

    Caution should be taken with the patients of liver or kidney impairment and during pregnancy and breastfeeding.