Though, there are various preventative steps and medicines invented to control the diseases BUT in today's lifestyle there are various types of diseases being seen affecting large sections of settlements urban as well as rural. More commonly, these diseases are known as "Lifestyle Diseases."

  • Increasing cases of Anxiety, Stress, and Depression have led the affluent use of anti-stress and anxiolytic drugs.
  • In the present day, obesity is a very common problem in the society; obesity is not only looked at as a health problem but as a social abashment. Because of these two reasons, use of anti-obesity medicines have tremendously increased.
  • The high population growth rate has opened a huge scope for the paediatric division and related formulations.
  • The increased life expectancy from 45 to 70 years has also increased the number of aged people in the country that forced to give equal importance to Geriatric division.
  • In today's urban life, the cardiac diseases and strokes are becoming common.
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is another important area that demands sincere attention and efforts.
  • Though, as of now, the vaccine constitutes merely 2 to 3 per cent share in total pharmaceutical industry BUT the increasing rate of lifestyle diseases also forces to give greater attention on vaccination.
  • As per the research report given by World Health Organization (WHO), about 47 per cent people working in various sorts of industries are vulnerable to many diseases, including obesity and other hazardous diseases for example heart problems, cardiac problems, hypertension, cancer, and various other chronic diseases. Likewise, these are the areas for which medicines are needed to manufacture on high priority.

  • Moreover, above mentioned lifestyle and other chronic diseases have guided Abaris Healthcare to venture effective and efficient health care solutions; AND also directed to armour itself for the changing time. We focus our strengths on offering new formulations to tap this growing market as well as by expanding our parenteral division to cater to the large demands domestically and internationally. Our visionary and planned approach is consistently inspiring us to formulate the best medicines for the human beings to maintain the welfare of the society.