• Abaris healthcare has been founded in July 2005 by buying out the Rajpura unit of Core Healthcare Ltd.
  • Abaris Healthcare bought newState-of-the-Art L.V.P (500ml) and Pharma Machinery.
  • It also purchased CHL's brands namely Corflam, Clomin,Fenac-P.

  • 2006

  • Primarily, the operations were started by deploying field staff in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, & Madhya Pradesh.
  • Merely after one year of establishment, Abaris healthcare introduced 12 new formulations including third generation antibiotics and cough syrups.

  • 2007

  • In 2007, Abaris healthcare has introduced 4 new formulations.
  • Furthermore, Abaris healthcare established another unit at Himachal Pradesh to gain the benefits of an Excise Free Zone.
  • It also bought Rommelag machine (S.V.P) for 5ml & 10 ml ampoules.
  • Increased operations by incorporating Punjab as new distribution channel.

  • 2008

  • Abaris healthcare adopted a new formulation for Asthma and Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis.
  • In the IV Division, in Ahmedabad, the company bought new FFS machinery with 100ml mould.

  • 2009

  • Introduced 5 New Formulations, in the market.

  • 2010

  • Developed 2 new formulations in the IV Divison, Paracetamol and Ofloxacin & Ornidazole in 100ml Plastic bottle.

  • 2011

  • Increased parenteral range by procuring additonal Rommelag FFS machinery with 1000ml, 500ml and 300ml mould.